Mallets And Drumsticks

Intermediate Mallet Set

  • One pair of hickory SD2 drumsticks
  • One pair of 1.25″ rubber mallets
  • One pair of select maple shaft 1.5″ width General Timpani Mallets
  • One pair of select maple shaft medium keyboard mallets

ROSS Percussion Jazz Acoustic Set

  • One pair of retractable wire brushes
  • One pair of bamboo drum rod brushes
  • One pair of 7A hickory drumsticks

ROSS Percussion Clave and Egg Shaker Set

  • includes 2 clave and 2 egg shakers
  • Great Resonance and Pitch
  • Clave dimensions:    8″L x 1″ W x 1″ H

ROSS Percussion Instrument Set 


  • includes rain shaker, 2 egg shakers, 2 clave, hand bells
  • 2 kazoos, and 4″ triangle with stricker

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