Gifts for Drummers Guaranteed to Please

If you are shopping for someone special who is a drummer and not quite sure what to get, here are 10 gifts for drummers guaranteed to please:


High Fidelity Musician Earplugs

Musician earplugs have filters which reduce the high and low frequencies more evenly, resulting in lower volume without compromising the quality of the sound. Most earplugs like foam or ear muffs are good for protection however they cut out a lot of the high end frequencies resulting in a muffled sound. JamPlugs are a great set of high fidelity earplugs and include a sleek portable carrying case with key chain to always have on hand.

JamPlugs Musician Earplugs


I don’t know of any drummer who would be disappointed getting a fresh pair of drumsticks. Every drummer chews through a number of drumsticks every year and can never have too many pairs. Not sure what size of stick they use?  Go with 5B Hickory. If you find out they use a smaller stick like 5A or 7A, they will still appreciate having a heavier pair to practice with. If you get smaller sticks and they happen to play with heavier sticks they won’t have as much use for them.  You can’t go wrong with any of the main brands like Vic Firth, Pro Mark or Los Cobos.

Drummer Survival Kit

This handy parts kit is great for any drummer to replace snare straps or cymbal hardware when needed. This variety of parts will help any drummer be prepared for a gig or rehearsal. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

Drummer Survival Kit


Drum Tuner

If you know they do not have a drum tuner they will be very thankful you got them one. The best drum tuners on the market are Drum Dial and Tune Bot. I use a tune-bot but would be just as happy to receive a drum dial for a gift. The drum dial can be used with external noise because it measures the tension in the drumheads rather than the pitch of the drumhead. The tune-bot is harder to tune with a noisy background, though it does have a filter to help focus on the frequency you are tuning to.  Overall, Tune Bot is a more accurate tuner as it is tuning to frequency rather than the tension in the drumhead.  The Drum Dial’s merit is that it is good for tuning in a noisy environment like a bar or club.

Tune Bot Drum Tuner                     Drum Dial Tuner                              


Moon Gel Damper Pads

These reusable damper gels are great to have around. Moon Gel Damper Pads help eliminate any unwanted overtones on your drums or cymbals.  They come in a small portable container and are reusable. Many drummers use some form of dampening and will find these useful.

Quick Release Hi Hat Clutch

Any drummer who first gets a quick release hi hat clutch wonders why they didn’t get it sooner. This clutch makes assembling and reassembling your hi hats a snap. Simply push and twist the spring-loaded clutch to release. No more wasting time screwing and adjusting nuts.

Adjustable Tablet/I-phone Mount

Many drummers follow tutorials and drum notation or listen to music on their tablet or phone.  This adjustable mount can fasten to your hi hat and conveniently position your electronic device for practicing. Very practical gift for a drummer.


Blue Tooth Ear Muffs

Many drummers use ear buds underneath ear muff hearing protection to isolate the music they are playing along to.  This item is a great gift for drummer since you don’t have to deal with headphone wires while playing. They are also great for doing renovations or yard work.

blue tooth ear muffs drummer gift



Cymbal Vault

Cymbals cost a lot of money and this is a great way to protect them. Fits cymbals up to 24-Inch diameter and has foam padding to minimize interior abrasion. The reinforced support for cymbal bells and contoured shape provides maximum protection.

great gift for drummer

The Drummer’s Bible

This is a great book that any drummer could appreciate. It includes almost every drum groove out there from Afro Cuban to Zydeco.   This book is great for learning new beats and sharpening your sight-reading and also includes audio of the beats to help drummers follow along. No matter what style of drummer, they will discover some cool grooves or learn the origins of grooves they were already familiar with.

Drummers Bible


There are a lot of gimmicky drummer gifts out there like “i’d rather be drumming” coffee mugs and t-shirts and drumstick key chains.  These aren’t terrible gifts but they are not very practical. Most drummers prefer items that are useful and these 10 gifts for drummers are guaranteed to please.

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